The Road to the London Marathon – Ready to Run

The road to London

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It’s been a busy month at AR towers and our trainer-clad feet have barely touched the ground. We’ve got a ton of new projects on the go but as is so often the case some aren’t quite ready to hit the mean streets. One thing we can talk about is our exciting London Marathon project with adidas UK, adidas Sport Eyewear and Alan Murchison, aka the Performance Chef.

For lots of seasoned runners, this time of the year is all about spring marathons and half marathons. The most coveted of these is arguably The London Marathon, a World Marathon Major and a race that will see some of the world’s elite runners line up alongside Championship, Good for Age (GFA), lottery and charity runners alike. Such a diverse field is almost unique in the world of running and in our opinion is what makes London perhaps the greatest marathon in the world.

Running 26.2 miles is no easy task. Talk to even the most seasoned marathon runner and you’ll hear as many stories about hitting the wall at twenty-something miles as you will about PBs and sprinting the last 100 metres. It’s the distance that scares me most; to run a fast marathon you need the perfect blend of speed and endurance.

But running a marathon is almost the easiest part. It’s the days, weeks and months of disciplined training to get to that start line, that really test a runner’s mind and body. Laying a solid foundation is essential and this is where our London Marathon project begins.

Over the next three months we will be working with four athletes on their journey to the start line in Greenwich. The group includes a first time marathon runner, two GFA athletes and a Championship starter aiming for a 2:30 marathon. We’ll introduce these runners individually in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Each runner will receive individual training schedules, mental coaching and bespoke nutrition plans from Alan, Claudia and I. adidas Sport Eyewear and adidas UK are stepping in to provide each runner with a range of training and racing apparel and eyewear to make all those training miles a little easier on the body, and a lot more pleasing on the eye.

Needless to say we are super exciting about the ‘road to London’ and will be sharing the athletes’ progress with you in the lead up to April 24. We will also be sharing our own top tips for marathon success, so look out for these here and on our social media channels.

Safe miles. J & C

James Poole

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