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After a short period of time googling ‘caffeine and running’ prior to attempting to write something on the subject myself – I soon discovered that there is no shortage of information available  to back up the claim that coffee will improve your running performance. More specifically, caffeine helps you run faster and farther! Perhaps that’s why every early group run I’ve been part of this year has a pot brewing beforehand! It seems to be a great way to get the system going, and what better way to jumpstart the legs than with your favorite Cup o Joe ! Perfect ! Yup, it can actually make you a better runner! Recent studies show that more than two-thirds of Olympic athletes use caffeine to increase their performance. You can be quite sure that if Olympic athletes are using caffeine, it works.

Your favourite coffee shops have long been the social meetup of choice for cycling groups everywhere and the social (as well as performance!) benefits are becoming more and more attractive to running groups. As group runs are becoming more and more popular with runners i’m very sure that it won’t be long before we see a running café pop up in London; similar to how the likes of ‘Look Mum No Hands’ serves the cycling scene.


Last weekend the super guys over at pact coffee opened their doors to those of us running with the AR collective on Saturday, it was the perfect spot to head out for an easy paced 10km run along the Thames and back. There was plenty of coffee on hand to fuel us before we left (especially those of us with mild hangovers to shake off) plus even more for our return as we stretched, recovered and caught up on our week’s activities. With drip filter on hand, coffee machines whirring away in the background and some of us even got to have a go at it ourselves! They were brewing up their sustainably sourced and in house roasted blends of coffee (I didn’t even copy+paste that!) it was a great post run hang out with fellow runners and friends with some cracking coffee to boot. So with coffee proven to help get you going in the morning, aid your focus levels and recovery, it definitely seems to have its place firmly within my running schedule. Rumour has it there’s another Pact Coffee run meeting up again soon, it was the sort of Saturday you could definitely repeat so I’m really looking forward to it.


Do check out what the guys at pact coffee are up to though, based just across the river (I know I know, reserve judgment for now) they’re a great local business to get behind.


Find Spencer drinking coffee and running here.


The lovely people at Pact Coffee have supplied us with a code to get your first 250g bag of coffee for only £1 – £6.95 thereafter. Simply follow this link and use the code RUN15 when prompted.

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