AR RACE – Endure 12/50 with AR

One of many races with AR this year.

The organisers at Endure ultra & multi-sport festival have kindly given us a 15% discount on the the Endure 12/50 event on 16 + 17 July. The race starts at 7pm and runners can enter either as individuals or pairs or teams of 3-6. The idea is to run as many of the 5 mile laps as you can before 7am the next day. There are also 50k solo and 50 mile solo categories.

Camping is included in the bargain ticket price of £31.25 (£35 less 15%). A four person team costs £125 and a two person team £62.50. The price of 50k and 50 miles is the the same but these are only open to solos.

The course is a flat offroad loop along the Thames Path and while not at all technical the challenge is keeping yourself going as night falls and you begin to get tired. Suitable for all abilities and experience. You will need a half decent head torch tho.

What’s more we will be there with our EZ Up, BBQ, sound system and, of course, beer. So if you don’t fancy running, you can still come and join the cheer squad.

Who is in for solo, teams or the 50km/50 mile? Join the discussion here.

Find out more about the race Endure 1250



DATE 16 + 17 JULY
WHEN 7pm – 7am the next day
WHERE Beale Park near Reading



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