#8 Run long

In the world of running, Sunday is always Long Run day. If you are training for a marathon or a half, long runs are an invaluable way of getting time on your feet and building up to race distance. Runners should note that these runs should NOT be done at race pace. These runs should be Long Steady Distance (LSD) runs.

For today, aim to do a long run. It doesn’t have to be epic, just long enough that it tests you a little. If you are daunted by a distance or time then meet up with some friends and share the burden. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will tick of the miles if you run with a group


For those in London we will be meeting at our new Long run home, the Adidas 26rs space at The London Marathon Store, 1-3 Norton Folgate, Bishopsgate, London E1 6DB at 10am.