#13 Runrise

While it’s hard to get out of bed some days, there is always something satisfying about running before the sun comes up. As you sit across the desk from your colleague you can quietly revel in the miles run under the cover of darkness. It also means that you’ve knocked out the miles and the whole day is ahead of you.

Today’s challenge is to set the alarm early, roll out of bed and get the miles in before the sun comes up. So whether you run before getting the kids ready for school or sneak in a few miles on the way to work, take a photo and tells us how it went. As usual you can do this on FB, Twitter and Instagram

For those in London we are going to pay running homage to ‘The Bagel’ run in Flagstaff, USA. More details of their run here.


Meet at 6:45am and we’ll run west as quickly as we can until the official sunrise of 7:19am whereby we’ll take a photo of whatever we see before running back to Beigel Bake for breakfast. 159 Brick Lane, E1 6SB London.