Have you got THE X factor?

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I’m writing this blog only a few hours before we host our first structured training session as part of the adidas THE X pop up in the beautiful green space that is Victoria Park. We’re honoured to be working with one of the biggest names in sport and for Claudi to be the Running Expert is a testament to the hard work she has put in – not only on the mountains and roads but in her expression of love for all things running. Check out her Instagram page for an endless supply of running inspiration.


The six adidas #PureBOOSTX experts

So what’s this THE X  stuff about? For 10 days beginning yesterday (18 Feb) adidas will be hosting a variety of classes, workouts and events that have been designed by adidas experts (yep that’s us) for women of all levels and abilities. The pop-up also celebrates the launch of a new women’s-only shoe – the PureBOOSTX.

Our part in this is to organise daily structured run sessions on the park’s beautifully illuminated track. Our emphasis will be on leading runs that benefit those training for spring races but they will also be fun, challenging and brilliant for anyone who wants to take their run fitness to the next level. While the workouts are for women only, in keeping with the ethos of AdventRunning, our run sessions will be completely free and open to all. Yes guys. We got you too!

If this wasn’t enough, female runners can test out a pair of the new #PureBOOSTX running shoe during our sessions and then buy them online from THE X store on their return. There will also be a chance to try on a range of women’s adidas apparel, juice bars, yoga and other exciting events taking place during the 10 day period.

To join us simply turn up at THE X at 7pm. We’ll take it from there. Hope to see lots of you over the next 9 days.

Safe miles, James

James Poole

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