AR eats – on the go energy and recovery bites


Written by Claudia Schroegel –

Afternoon craving with your afternoon tea? Big session coming up? Quick recovery snack after your workout? On the run but don’t want to compromise your healthy eating habits? 

Then these little helpers might be just right for you. 

I first got introduced to raw energy bites through a friend a couple of years back. UpRaw energy bites based in London fuelled most of my runs, rides and gym sessions. Sol, the creator of UpRaw, himself is a passionate athlete: climber, runner, surfer and skier, worked exceptionally hard to get his market share long before bounce energy balls washed over the UK market (originated in Australia). His product was solely made out of raw and natural ingredients – nuts, cocoa, protein, coconut, etc with a limited shelf life as always made fresh daily. Balls came in a bag of 20, individually wrapped, easy to freeze. Unfortunately big marketing competition with big spend and market claims of long shelf life brought his business down. He decided to stick to his values and not add any preservatives or other ingredients than the raw natural ones found on this planet.

Long story short: There is a vast amount of energy and recovery drinks and snacks on the market.  Do you really need all that sugar? If you can’t pronounce some of the ingredients should you really be putting this into your body? We urge you to read the label twice and question if you can do better.

Most certainly you can. We make our own.

· Firstly it’s dead cheap as you cut out any marketing, production, packaging, shipping and retail costs. You only pay for the ingredients but good quality food should be worth spending your money on.
· Secondly you know where it’s all coming from as you are responsible for the ingredients and the processing of them.
· Thirdly you can make them with anything you want to serve your own needs and taste preferences. Speaking of variety. Supply and demand.
· Lastly you don’t have to be a master chef or kitchen wizard to make these. So easy to make and only take a few minutes.


Here is my favourite one to date:

Easy | 10min | makes 20-25 balls depending on size

1 cup Pecan nuts
1 cup Cashew nuts
1.5 cups Prunes (or medjool dates or dried apricots)
2 Tbsp Chia seeds
½ cup Pumpkin seeds
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp raw Cocoa powder
1 Tbsp (plant based) Protein powder


Add all nuts and seeds into a food processor. Blend for 1 minute until the nuts are chopped down. Add the rest and blend until you have a smooth, thick mass (1min). You should not need to add any liquid as the dried fruits and coconut oil take care of the sticky binding. However if you end up with a dusty mess: add more dried fruit or oil.

Then take a small spoon full of the mixture and roll it with your hands into little balls.

For the finishing touch or added goodness, roll them in cocoa powder, spirulina powder, any seeds or goji berries.



You can find more recipe inspirations in FeedZone Portables, Deliciously Ella or simply google (raw) energy bites (balls).

Does this inspire you to make your own? Let us know how you got on and which ingredients you used.

Happy snacking.

Claudia Schroegel

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