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IT ALL STARTED WITH ADVENTRUNNING – The best experiences are the ones shared. Since December 2014 we are bringing some #AdventRunning love to the nation – in fact the globe. December is all about building base, staying fighting fit going into the new year. 25 runs in 25 days for all abilities and fitness levels, shared and connected via social media and London based events. 30min of activity a day – running, cycling, swimming, yoga, fitness, etc. Find out more about this on our sister page AdventRunning.com or on social media.

WHAT HAPPENS THE OTHER 11 MONTHS? – #FALLINLOVE with running is what we do every day. We love to run. And we believe in what you put in is what you get out – in running and in life. AdventRunning turned into AR Collective. We are a free run community that aims to keep people motivated throughout the year. Virtually and through London based fun events. We have a group of around 150 regular runners here in London. AR was founded in 2014 and is led by James Poole and Claudia Schroegel – both avid ultra runners and qualified Triathlon coaches under British Triathlon Federation.

WHAT TYPE OF RUNS DO YOU DO? – We love the outdoors. You can regularly find us trail running and travelling the globe. Our weekly London events include: TUE track session, THU #beigelrun before sunrise, SAT special events like #runforcoffee or #runforbeer, SUN long runs. We guarantee a lighthearted approach – beginner or seasoned ultra runner who wants to reach new heights – we have something for everyone. Including sound coaching along the way.

WHAT'S NEXT? – We are currently coaching our community for spring marathons like Paris, Brighton, Manchester, Boston and London. In February 15 of our AR Trail Team are heading out to race TransGranCanaria over various distances from 30 to 265km. Follow live updates on our social channels.

DO YOU WORK WITH BRANDS? – Yes, we love to work with like minded people who want to make a difference in other people's life. We currently work with Adidas Sport Eyewear to bring a 'money can't buy' London Marathon project to life. Coaching four athletes and giving tailored training sessions, workshops, mental coaching and special events for their best marathon journey leading into April 23rd. Find out more in our blog section and Facebook. If you want to work with us, drop us a line at hello@ar-endurancesports.com

WHAT RACES HAVE YOU PLANNED? – Our 60 people strong AR XC team will take on the last fixture in February. The men are leading their division, the ladies are close to Top 3. Find us preparing for our big trail races this year like Centurion 50/100, Montagn'hard and UTMB via a few trips to the alps including trail camps, 24hr races (TR24) and wherever our hearts and legs take us. We never stand still. Stay up to date on our social media channels.

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We've created AR Collective out of passion. Without the wonderful companies featured on here, we wouldn’t be able to share with you some of our events. Please take a moment to visit a site or two.

If you are a company and like to work with us, drop us a line with your details and we'll give you a call about how we might be able to work together.

Our list of sponsors and supporters include: Adidas, Adidas Sport Eyewear, Camden Town Brewery, Like the Wind, Maverick Races, Pact Coffee, Running Heroes, SisuGirls, Stance, The Running Works, Trailscape, SVP100.


London Marathon week: top ten race day tips for running a better marathon

Have a plan – it’s amazing home many people rock up to the start line without a plan. They’ve followed a schedule during training (probably) but seem to forgo this essential part of running a marathon. Have a realistic target time(s) to aim for, even if it’s your first marathon and calculate your splits (5k, 10km etc) based on this time and write them down – on a piece of paper, your arm or create a pace band. Manage your expectations…

London Marathon week: top ten tips for taper week

Don’t wing it – Running 26.2 miles is no mean feat and there are loads of things you need to do before race day. Make a list. Spend half an hour thinking about all the stuff you need to organise and write it down. Ticking a few of things off each day will help you keep a lid on race day nerves and will prevent that, “I don’t have any gels” panic moment at 9pm on Saturday night. Go early…

Have you got THE X factor?

I’m writing this blog only a few hours before we host our first structured training session as part of the adidas THE X pop up in the beautiful green space that is Victoria Park. We’re honoured to be working with one of the biggest names in sport and for Claudi to be the Running Expert is a testament to the hard work she has put in – not only on the mountains and roads but in her expression of love for…

The Road to the London Marathon – Ready to Run

It’s been a busy month at AR towers and our trainer-clad feet have barely touched the ground. We’ve got a ton of new projects on the go but as is so often the case some aren’t quite ready to hit the mean streets. One thing we can talk about is our exciting London Marathon project with adidas UK, adidas Sport Eyewear and Alan Murchison, aka the Performance Chef. For lots of seasoned runners, this time of the year is all…

Running 100miles – you never know what you are in for

Written by Claudi | The first 26miles you run with your legs… 2015 I ran my first 100miler by accident. By accident? I had no intention to be taking on such a huge task so early in my running ‘career’. 2016. If I get into Western States 100. Then Maybe. Yes. But somehow my heart had other plans. Dreaming big at heart and really enjoying to move through challenges on my own two feet, a new dream was in the…

Western States Endurance Run – entry opens today!

So today is THE day. For those of you who have run a qualifying race, then today is the Western States Endurance Run entry day; Entry to the oldest, most prestigious and arguably greatest ultra marathon on the planet. Are you excited? Well I sure am. But before you start booking your flights and getting all unnecessary, lets look at the facts. In 2015, the number of runners registering to race that year was 2,566, with a total ticket count…

Trailscape 1 + AR adidas Trail Team launch

  “I haven’t seen any tape in a while. Have you?” That was the first time we went wrong. Not the finest moment of my running career. Wrapped up chatting about stories of ultra running we’d plain missed the arrow indicating a left turn a mile, or so, back. We backtracked apologising profusely to the few runners who foolishly thought we knew where we were going. The day had started at the ungodly time of 6am. The fog was as…


adidas have made some bold claims this year. If you launch a product and tell the World that it’ll give them the best something – in this case, a shoe that will give you “your greatest run ever” – then you better deliver on your promise. The good news for runners everywhere is that adidas is pulling out the stops in 2015 to prove it. Why do I think this?  Exhibit A: The Energy Takeover Apart from a brief but…


Written by guest blogger Chris Spencer – After a short period of time googling ‘caffeine and running’ prior to attempting to write something on the subject myself – I soon discovered that there is no shortage of information available  to back up the claim that coffee will improve your running performance. More specifically, caffeine helps you run faster and farther! Perhaps that’s why every early group run I’ve been part of this year has a pot brewing beforehand! It seems to…

Launch of The City of London Mile

It’s a staggering fact but a sub-4 minute mile hasn’t been run on UK roads in 28 years. But 2015 could be the year to change that says Tom Snow,  Race Director of the Amba Hotels City of London Mile. During last night’s launch event at the recently converted and rather stunning Amba Hotels Charing Cross a select group of runners (I know, why on earth was I there?) were given a taster of the plans for the second City of…

AR eats – on the go energy and recovery bites

Written by Claudia Schroegel – Afternoon craving with your afternoon tea? Big session coming up? Quick recovery snack after your workout? On the run but don’t want to compromise your healthy eating habits?  Then these little helpers might be just right for you.  I first got introduced to raw energy bites through a friend a couple of years back. UpRaw energy bites based in London fuelled most of my runs, rides and gym sessions. Sol, the creator of UpRaw, himself…

AR review – Adidas Adizero Prime Boost

Written by James Poole – The launch of the Adidas Ultra Boost has prompted me to pull my finger out and write a short review about my experience running in the Adidas Adizero Prime Boost. Given this shoe has been out since April last year, I am late to the party and as such I will eschew with all the various tech talk around the Boost midsole and Primeknit upper. Let’s be honest, there are plenty of shoe reviews out…

AR eats – Flavours, textures, nutrients and performance

Written by Claudia Schroegel –   You are what you eat Or maybe you just eat because you love food. Do you run better when you eat better? How do you define better in the first place? It works for you, does it work for me though? I’m allergic to, intolerant of… I’m vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian. Paleo, juicing, detoxing, full fat, no fat, uff. Let’s stop this madness. You choose how you want to live. Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean…

AR races – The road to the Western States

Written by James Poole – On 6 December last year in Placer High Campus, Auburn, CA, USA my name was drawn out of a ‘hat’. The draw took place on Saturday at 8:30am PST with little fanfare.  I wasn’t even there. The significance of this is that this was the lottery draw for the grand-daddy of ultra-marathons; the birthplace of hundred mile runs and arguably the most prestigious race in running. This was the draw for the Western States 100 Endurance…

About us

It's important to us that people know that we are just two runners loving the outdoors, running and doing this for fun. Running for miles, running for smiles. Hoping to inspire others to get out and run. Change is just one thought away.

James Poole

Triathlon Coach
Adidas Runners LDN Captain
Trainer GoodGym

IG twStrava



Trailscape Marathon Ashurst, Kent – 3:27 (3rd)
Trailscape Marathon Wendover, Buckinghamshire –3:44 (2nd)
Silverstone Half Marathon – 1:18:30 (11th)(PB)
London Marathon – 2:44:54 (PB)
La Montagn’Hard 60k 5000m+/- – 9:16:34 (6th, 2nd V1H)
Hermes Running North Downs Way Marathon – 3:27:47 (3rd)
Endure 12/50 (12 hours) – 80 miles in 12:03:51 (1st and CR)
Centurion Running NDW 100 – 17:20:25 (2nd)
Ultra Tour de Monte Rosa – August
Berlin Marathon – September
Spartathlon – September 

Endurance Life CTS Sussex Marathon (6th)
Boston Marathon – 2:56 (PB)
Western States Endurance Run – 23:00:23 (52nd)
UTMB – 34:08:30
Centurion Running Autumn 100 (7th)
Trailscape Marathon Newport, Essex – 3:20 (1st)
Trailscape Marathon Cuxton, Kent – 3:39:17 (2nd)
Endurance Life Classic Quarter (3rd)
Go Beyond Ultra Thames Path 50 (4th)
Centurion Running Thames Path 100mi (20th)
Race to the Stones 100km (20th)
Berlin Marathon – 2:59
Helsinki Marathon – 3:02
Chicago Marathon – 3:12
UTMB TDS (46th)
White Rose Ultra 60m (19th)
XNRG Vanguard Way Ultra (1st)
XNRG Cotswold Challenge Ultra 2013 (1st)
UTMB TDS (67th)
Centurion Running North Downs Way (10th)
Go Beyond Ultra Country to Capital (21st)
5 times Ironman Finisher

Claudia Schroegel

Triathlon & Mental Performance Coach
Adidas Runners LDN Captain

IG tw li webStrava



London Marathon – 3.23
Montagn’Hard 60k 5000m+/- – 12:59:52 (F4)
North Down Marathon – 4:00:44 (F1)
Endure 12:50 50miles – 7:45:53 (F1) & 4th OA
TR 24 AR Trail Team relay women –

Boston Marathon – 3:19
London Marathon – 3:23
UTMB TDS – 27:23:17 (SE 27th)
Centurion Running Autumn 100 – 21:47 (F9)
Trailscape Marathon Newport, Essex – 4:11 (F1)
Trailscape Marathon Cuxton, Kent – 4:34 (F2)
Trailscape Marathon Wendover, Buckinghamshire – 4:37 (F3) 
Boston Marathon – 3:26
70.3 Ironman Mallorca Spain – 5:57
Helsinki Marathon – 3:34
Berlin Marathon – 3:28
White Rose Ultra 60mi – 12:55 (F3)

70.3 Ironman Wimbleball UK
Reykjavik Marathon – 3:28 (F7)
Endurance Life CTS Gower Ultra 34mi
Amsterdam Marathon – 3:52


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